The importance of the Learner, Experience and Environment (Learning Outcomes Model) in debriefing.

September 22, 2021

Debriefing is an expertise to develop, hone and focus on as an expertise. Skilled debriefers can debrief most anything, and learners will walk away with new mental models that change their practice. Becoming skilled in debriefing requires deliberate practice (Ericsson, 1997), and the often-quoted 10,000 hours to become an expert….

Improving Debriefing Using the 3D Model of Debriefing: Defusing, Discovering, and Deepening

September 14, 2021 In the last reflection we reviewed the foundations of Experiential Learning and the Learning Outcomes Model (Learning Card 1). With the core factors of the Learner, Experience and Environment addressed, the next step is to move the learner through the Experiential Learning Cycle (Do, Reflect, Think, Re-Do, Learning Card…

Art of Questioning

September 2, 2021

Effective questioning, with a stance of curiosity, is at the core of good debriefing. A general rule for debriefing is that the debriefer (or co-debriefers if there are two) should talk about 30% of the time and learners 70% of the time. To facilitate discussion (and stay away from lecturing),…