Our team is here to help you create learning systems and programs that demonstrate measurable outcomes and deliver a return on investment.


Achieving measurable outcomes from learning

Usually, the first question we get is; Can you help us demonstrate what the outcome of this program was? The question we usually follow up with is: What problem were you solving? If the problem you are looking to solve is a paradigm shift in your education program to one that is focused on achieving outcomes, we can help. Dr. Zigmont has helped multiple organizations make the transition and can do the same for you. Consulting ranges from ‘gaining buy-in’ (presentations, grand rounds, etc) to complete program redesigns.


Implementing competency-based nursing orientation programs (that reduce orientation by >35%)

RN orientation is a growing problem, both in cost and time. We have designed and implemented RN orientation programs at both large and small hospital systems (both community-based and academic) that have shown over a 35% reduction ($2.4 million savings annually for one system). Consulting on designing programs ranges from faculty development to teach you how to design your own to complete designs (including program development, faculty development, and launch). As one of our customers stated, “I found your consultative services to be very helpful. …we were asked to meet a very aggressive timeline, and without having the full picture of all that was involved with making such a large transition, we would have jumped into something that could have had a negative impact on our organization.” – Jenni Anderson, Advocate Health Care.


Designing and implementing a simulation program that demonstrates a return on investment

Is your existing simulation program struggling to make ends meet or having difficulty gaining support? Are you trying to launch a new simulation center and want to know where to start? Do you want to improve your outcomes or improve your skills? Do you want to get your staff certified or your center accredited? We can help.


Wide-spread Implementation of TeamSTEPPS Programs

Teamwork training and improving interdisciplinary communication is a goal for many healthcare organizations but difficult to execute upon. We have successfully launched and implemented TeamSTEPPS programs both across entire hospitals and within specialties such as operating rooms. Our unique OR teamwork program provided live debriefing within the OR with intact care teams, speeding adoption (and identifying 10 preventable errors in the first day). Let us help you create a program for improving teamwork at your organization.


Leadership Development Programs Focused on Trust, Change Management, Teamwork and Learning

Leadership development within healthcare in healthcare can be challenging. We have designed a problem-based learning process for management teams that provides a playbook for leading. The playbook both builds skills and helps leaders lead in the rapidly changing healthcare environment. The ‘playbook’ includes over 100 action plans that help leaders immediately respond to situations and guides them on how to effectively lead. Example ‘plays’ from the Teamwork and Learning sections can be found here.


Designing Integrated Learning Systems for Healthcare

Do you need help designing an effective learning organization for your healthcare system? We have experience with both what does and doesn’t work and can help you through the process. Achieve savings by streamlining your resources while achieving measurable outcomes.


Healthcare Innovation

Need a creative solution to the project that has been bothering you? Want a session facilitated to help your team become more innovative? Want to build innovation as a skill set in your healthcare system? We can help.