Developing true expertise requires experience, deliberate practice and a mentor/coach.  We would love to be your coach.  Coaching can be purchased by hour or packages for ongoing coaching (recommended).  Coaching is offered through a variety of video and phone based options or on-site (at an additional charge).


Learning Coaching – Facilitators

Are you looking to improve your skills as a facilitator of learning or debriefer?  We can provide feedback on both your programs and your own skills.  Send us programs or videos, which we will review in advance and debrief together. For those who do not have someone local to provide feedback on their debriefing, this is a great option.


Learning Coaching – Learners

Do you want to go back to school or are you in school and having difficulty?  We can help.  Dr. Zigmont has helped learners develop a plan that saves them time and money while achieving their goals.  At the same time, if you are in a program and are struggling, he can help.  Dr. Zigmont has successfully helped dozens of residents and medical students who were having difficulty to excel in their programs.


Executive Coaching

Leading is hard.  Maybe you need help creating your own development plan or those of your staff.  Maybe you are having trouble with your team, or just want to be better at leading.  We can help.  Coaching is available both for an ongoing basis and in response to issues/initiatives.


Life Coaching

We all hit hard parts in our life and moments when we are lost.  A coach can help you get a plan and stick to it in order to achieve your goals.  Dr. Zigmont has been able to help individuals from 18-80 find their path and he can help you.