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Learning That Works

Learning vs. Management Problems

Healthcare has often turned to education to ‘fix’ management problems, which contradicts one of the core principles of learning in healthcare (Learning Card 10). Giving more education ‘checks a box’, but may not improve the outcome. To focus on improving outcomes, we need to do an assessment to determine if…

Learning vs. Quality Cop

The lines between learning (for improvement) and assessment (measurement) can be blurry. For a learner, when education falls too far towards assessment, they may feel that you are being a ‘quality cop’. A quality cop, at its worst, is someone following around a caregiver with a clipboard marking off what…

Learning that improves healthcare outcomes

principlesEffective learning in healthcare can change outcomes.  Using experiential learning and the learning outcomes model has been proven to cause a >35% reduction in RN orientation, 10% reduction in infant mortality, 12% increase in HCAHPS, increased employee engagement and a positive impact on all areas of the Healthcare Balanced Scorecard.  To get outcomes from your learning initiatives you need to embrace a new way of looking and learning.

Are you having trouble achieving measurable outcomes (return on investment) from your learning initiatives?

Turning education from a cost to a benefit is possible in healthcare.  Dr. Jay Zigmont has both led learning teams and helped others shift from ‘doing classes’ to improving outcomes.  He is available to help your organization do the same.


Reduce RN Orientation by >35%

Nursing transition to practice is a growing problem at most healthcare systems.  Both the time and cost of RN orientation are growing.  Let us show you how you can reduce your RN Orientation by >35% by implementing a competency based orientation that utilizes simulation and experiential learning.


Increase your skills in facilitating experiential learning that improves outcomes

Learning is an expertise of its own, and you need support in building that expertise.  Our faculty development courses are hosted at your location and taught the author of the 3D Model of Debriefing, and the Learning Outcomes Model.  Courses can be tailored to provide a general simulation approach or focus on topics such as RN Orientation, Medical Education, or Teamwork/TeamSTEPPS.


Individual coaching to improve outcomes

As you travel through your career, having a coach at your side can help you learn from every experience and keep you on track.  Whether you need an Executive Coach, Life Coach, or a Learning Coach (both for you as a learner and as a facilitator of learning) we can help.