Improving Debriefing Using the 3D Model of Debriefing: Defusing, Discovering, and Deepening

March 29, 2020 In the last reflection we reviewed the foundations of Experiential Learning and the Learning Outcomes Model (Learning Card 1). With the core factors of the Learner, Experience and Environment addressed, the next step is to move the learner through the Experiential Learning Cycle (Do, Reflect, Think, Re-Do, Learning Card…

The importance of the Learner, Experience and Environment (Learning Outcomes Model) in debriefing.

March 22, 2020

Debriefing is an expertise to develop, hone and focus on as an expertise. Skilled debriefers can debrief most anything, and learners will walk away with new mental models that change their practice. Becoming skilled in debriefing requires deliberate practice (Ericsson, 1997), and the often-quoted 10,000 hours to become an expert….


Learning in Healthcare’s first book – Foundations of Experiential Learning

March 15, 2020

Learning in Healthcare is proud to announce the launch of its first book entitled “Foundations of Experiential Learning – A faculty development manual for improving outcomes through learning in healthcare”.  Now available on Amazon at in both print and Kindle editions. The Foundations of Experiential Learning (FEL) Faculty Development…

Creating a High Learning Organization in Healthcare (and delivering measurable outcomes from learning)

January 3, 2020

Healthcare is a constant state of change. Healthcare organizations need to become high learning organizations to respond to the current pace of change. Currently, education is seen by healthcare finance as ‘non-productive time that should be limited or eliminated if at all possible,’ so organizations need a new way to…